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During his lifetime, Einstein acknowledged at least three: Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, and in particular James Clerk Maxwell, who produced the first mathematical description of electromagnetism and thus presaged the discovery of radio waves.
The future that he presaged lost its meaning and evaporated, negating his existence.
Roland Stieglecker's opening question in his published dissertation is half observation, half provocation: If Renaissance humanists made their mark on western culture by reaching back over the Middle Ages to appropriate anew the literature and rhetoric of ancient Greece and Rome, and if the best fifteenth-century humanists in Germany were those who most directly presaged the later religious reforms of Luther and his circle, and if the medieval cult of the saints represented so much of what these humanists wanted to move beyond, then why did so many early German humanists contribute to the veneration of saints, most strikingly by editing and composing hagiographical vitae, poetry, and liturgical texts?
So all this activity certainly suggests that food manufacture is not the declining business that so many commentators have presaged.
ABC's twenty-five-hour coverage of the dawn of the new millennium presaged the empire's reach like some global stadium wave.
He also makes the intriguing suggestion that RFK's suspicion of bureaucracies and iconoclasm presaged Bill Clinton's "New Democrats" (It is a bit of a reach to believe that Bobby Kennedy is what Sam Nunn and LBJ son-in-law Chuck Robb had in mind when they founded the Democratic Leadership Committee.
The haunting sound of an amplified exhalation of breath presaged a last breath of life, and a ghostly image of Florencio Campos, as the bull, appeared momentarily in the mirror.
His films are equally disturbing but seldom as viscerally off-putting as his earlier work, or perhaps we've all been jaded by the mediated, image-saturated culture his work presaged.
These positive levels have accurately presaged the nine consecutive growth r?
It presaged the destructive era of steam engines in the North Woods.