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06 ( ANI ): Former Congress leader Shankarsinh Vaghela on Sunday said that he had presaged the top rung of his party with regard to rising unrest in the political outfit in Gujarat but the senior leadership did not pay heed to his advice.
It also presaged a real-life flap in which the organizers of New York's Columbus Day parade refused to allow two Sopranos stars to march.
Things got off to a poor start when an obviously ill-prepared and nervous Deborah Borda, the Philharmonic's managing director, presaged the music with a hollow speech.
In both instances, the use of treason law as a political instrument presaged its capability of being applied equally to monarch or subject.
These commitments and the personal gift that each one represents are ventures presaged, framed, and occasionally inspired by the voice--the humble, probing, charismatic voice--of Robert Coles.
In 1964, he oversaw the development of the Dimensia system, one of the first lines of interconnected video products controlled via a single on-screen computerized interface that presaged packaged home theater systems.
For lead clusters, the researchers found that a characteristic magnitude of vibration presaged melting, no matter what the pressure and temperature.
The findings, which were presaged Tuesday by comments of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, were a further indication that the central bank was likely to keep interest rates unchanged at its policy meeting in early February.
Among the first books honored that presaged distinguished careers have been: David Macaulay's "Cathedral" (1973), Chris van Allsburg's "Garden of Abdul Gasazi" (1978), and Lane Smith's "Halloween ABC" (1987).
Gore's announcement delighted environmentalists, angered sugar growers and presaged a hard-fought congressional struggle in the coming weeks.
In a hearing that presaged a confrontationbetween Congress and the patent office, a congressional subcommittee last week heard testimony on a controversial decision to allow patents on genetically engineered higher organisms (SN: 4/25/87, p.