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I hope that's true and not a horrible presaging of a new class of saints named after the Latin translations for Duct Tape,' This End Up,' 'Overnight,' [or] 'Special Delivery.
On a July evening in 1900, the first Zeppelin drifted skywards from a floating hangar at Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, presaging the era of airship supremacy which lasted until the Hindenburg disaster of 1937.
Presaging the ascension of Frankie and Annette by one year, this 1962-set farce throws Beach Party, The Three Faces of Eve, and slasher films into a blender and lets the results splatter with come-what-may loopiness.
Faigaux's conniving Iago danced a superbly manipulative duo with Othello, behind or even on top of him, presaging the dire outcome.
Working in the pottery at Vallauris certainly generated ideas that became trademarks of Picasso's late painting style - a swift, loose handling, impatient of finish, presaging those linear head-and-shoulders portraits on plain backgrounds that would come a few years later.