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That the whole family decided to leave Egypt as early as 1951 shows that they had the uncanny prescience to read the writing on the wall long before most Egyptian Jews realized that their days in the country were numbered.
Synopsis: For years, the Marine Corps has touted the prescience of Lt.
It often feels like Tisala is channelling, with uncanny prescience, the jejune musings of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.
India's history is packed with such fake do-gooders who feed off the fears of the gullible and amass fortunes in the name of a rare prescience that is nothing but a wicked understanding of human frailty.
Orwell was a great writer, a brave man and a person of astonishing prescience.
An afterword, however, shows prescience of the current civil wars in Iraq and Syria.
Not only is he alive, Nick Chandler has undergone a chilling metamorphosis into a man of supernatural prescience, superhuman strength, and absolutely no remorse--as Chip Allison and his friend Kristin Duffy quickly discover.
Al-Shidyaq's nineteenth-century prescience encompasses not only the aesthetics of our contemporary fictions, but perhaps sees farther still, into their future.
On vient d'apprendre que les agents et employes de la Prescience du gouvernement ont observe, ce mardi, 18 fevrier 2014, un sit-in qui s'est poursuivi pour une heure.
Her capriciousness, her honesty, her humor, her prescience is almost too sensitive now to believe we didn't catch on.
These are key finding of "Transamerica Retirement Solutions Prescience 2017," a study that examines trends in retirement plans with $25 million to $1 billion in assets.
Meanwhile, the production team couldn't even be bothered to give one of the characters a name in the closing credits - unless in a remarkable display of prescience his parents did actually christen him "Tough Man At Dance".