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Data protection solutions vendor Iomega, which is a subsidiary of storage giant EMC, has strengthened its small and medium business (SMB) prescience in UAE, Oman and Bahrain distribution network, striking a deal with Jumbo Electronics.
It won't be a smooth marriage," Baptist says with an air of prescience.
He characterizes the essays as shocking in their formal innovation and chilling in the prescience of their critique of independence.
This is the once infamous - now famous for proving CEO Alan Mulally's prescience - debt that included putting up the Blue Oval trademark as collateral.
It's best if it brings along trembling and light, nakedness and prescience.
One of the many inspiring features of Cavafy's work in any language or translation is its optimistic prescience.
The key message in a recession is to exploit upside risk by developing prescience and being ready for the upturn.
The decision was announced in a statement that also stressed the prescience of the 60-year-old body which represents about one-third of the world's population.
Commingling the Magic 8-Ball's presumed prescience with Fuller's rethinking of how to represent the planet, Mays nods to visions and visionaries of the past.
Known for his prescience in alerting the public about the dangers of rising Islamist extremism before September 11th, Rashid's latest book examines the consequences of U.
PRESCIENCE GALLERY BIENVENU, NEW ORLEANS 2008) is a body of new work that continues ceramic artist Jeremy Jernegari's exploration of structures and images associated with water.
We've had seriously dark periods of almost zero funding, but our management realized that we had a good thing going and showed remarkable prescience," said Bulsara.