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iJET said the Prescient Traveler technology enables it to raise the bar for threat mitigation, emergency response and business continuity:
Prescient has announced the completion of a number of multi-family apartment projects across the nation, comprising, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina and Nebraska, with another 15 planned via 2018.
Prescient expects to commence Phase 1b/2 clinical trials in breast cancer and multiple myeloma in 2015.
Murray Louw, CEO of the listed entity, Prescient Limited (PCT) said the listing will provide the company with the flexibility needed to capitalise on long-term growth opportunities in financial services, while unlocking the intrinsic value of the business.
For more information on Prescient Medical or its products, please contact Ilana Odess, General Manager of Prescient Medical, at (917) 941-9990 or via e-mail: iodess@pmivp.
Gingrich is neither prescient nor hyperbolic--there is an alternative assessment.
GeometryQA is completely integrated with Prescient Technologies' other engineering quality product, DesignQA.
The subject of the suit is a device PRescient calls the "tuck-once grip," for which Paula Riley, managing general partner of PRescient, was issued patent number 5,547,249 on Aug.
The book continues to be both timeless and prescient--indeed, prescient enough that you might consider it a book-length repudiation of Clintonomics.
Prescient Therapeutics has secured an agreement from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to transfer the sponsorship to Prescient of the Investigational New Drug (IND) PTX-200, the Company's lead product.