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As our Arab Human Development Reports have presciently observed, the Arab world has for years suffered from four crucial deficits: in education, freedom, women's empowerment, and human security--none of which can be addressed on its own.
This issue also reprints the first feature article to appear in the inaugural number of Air University Quarterly Review (Spring 1947), a piece which presciently set the course that airpower has followed ever since.
McDermott delivered Siddle a much-needed dose of reassurance about his place in the team, speaking presciently about the supreme fitness that should allow Siddle to be a constant, competitive presence in an otherwise changeable attack.
Essentially, however, Kramer counseled presciently that the "Arab Spring" was unlikely to end in the tranquil democracies for which we hoped when 2011 began.
Presciently, Not for Every Eye was published the same year that Quebec's Quiet Revolution began, when the Church's authority gave way to secularization.
We had no reason to open that one up after the blackout, and I'd presciently stored several bags of ice in there before the blackout hit.
Mixing personal anecdotes, professional research, and philosophical observations, Alone Together, a book that could not have been written by a robot, presciently probes the question: will we be technology's willing slave or guiding master.
The book is presciently titled, if only accidentally so.
And, most presciently, "no fiveyear-old has ever won the Coral Cup".
Earlier this year, Gartner Group presciently recommended that global organizations start adding legal support managers a hybrid position that helps mediate between IT and legal--to create policies and schedule and execute e-discovery processes.
They played the Empire (unsuccessfully, in a talent competition) and even - presciently - the Cavern, then a jazz club.
He also said, rather presciently that, "Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process.