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They played the Empire (unsuccessfully, in a talent competition) and even - presciently - the Cavern, then a jazz club.
In that respect, tainted wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal having a brother in the team was presciently political.
Contextualization of Presbyterian missionary fervour within early nineteenth-century evangelical awakenings is needed, in presenting Presbyterian views on the forced breakup of Indian lands (allotment in severalty) the writers did not find as much bitter opposition as I did: individual missionaries presciently feared that such a policy would lead to massive tribal land loss (Michael C.
He also said, rather presciently that, "Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process.
More presciently, it follows the example of last year's Gran Torino by illustrating how a keen sense of individual responsibility can reinforce all of humanity.
From this historic context, Fotsch takes the story to Los Angeles and Hollywood, There, according to Fotsch, proposals to build urban highways were opposed by immigrant German philosophers who were presciently concerned about the social and cultural impact of highways on the city.
The two often collaborated on music as the presciently named Life Partners, but never released much of it.
As one of the most respected political figures in Swat, Afzal Khan Lala, has so presciently stated, omilitary operations cannot deliver if there is no planning or strategy to consolidate the gains through administrative action, once the army withdrawso.
Casting a broad net and a sharp eye, Shandler's account opens with an analysis of how sound recordings of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries transformed liturgy into repertoire and would-be daveners (worshippers) into an audience, and concludes with a look at how Lubavitcher Hasidim at the dawn of this century presciently made use of the internet to nurture a global, if virtual, sense of community in the wake of its rebbe's death.
Truffles, a new rental building in Tribeca that began its marketing back in April, rather presciently took a back-to-basics tack with its campaign.
In addressing what is to be done about this situation, he restricts himself to three essential points: that markets cannot think ahead and therefore we must overcome the taboo against government planning; that the setting of wages and the control of the distribution of pay and incomes must be seen as a social decision and not a market decision and that more egalitarian standards will also promote efficiency; and, presciently (in light of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown and 2008's financial woes), that the United States needs to prepare for the day when its ability to rely on unlimited debt comes to an end
The White Spider, Heinrich Harrer's classic account of climbing the North face of the Eiger (which prompted the young Joe Simpson, of Touching the Void fame, to take up climbing) begins very presciently by setting out his pitch: he is writing about mountaineering not as sensationalism for the titillation of the masses; the layman is in no position to judge whether these attempts are ultimately either foolhardy or courageous.