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In the United Kingdom, emollients, topical steroids, and topical immunomodulators are prescribable and reimbursable.
Of course there are some specially- made gluten-free alternatives to foods, but they are expensive and only prescribable if you have one of the two diseases mentioned before.
Is the mere fact of the distribution of a prescribable drug without a prescription worthy of such a heavy punishment, even if no actual harm is done?
If all these things have been ruled out, there are prescribable treatments.
A British Medical Association report is clear about the benefits of cannabis and I am satisfied it should be classed as prescribable.
But if they go as well as researchers hope it could be prescribable within three years.
Among the few sustained arguments that Greenawalt does offer in Fighting Words is his definition of prescribable speech.
contains no goodness such as is necessarily prescribable for attaining the goodness of the ultimate end, nor in what is forbidden is there such malice as would turn one away necessarily from the last end, for even if the good found in these maxims were not commanded, the last end [of man as union with God] could still be loved and attained, whereas if the evil proscribed by them were not forbidden, it would still be consistent with the acquisition of the ultimate end.
Devices which test successfully are placed on an approved list of prescribable equipment for veterans.