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Managed care organizations (MCOs) provide this information because they want doctors to prescribe lower-cost medications.
The goal of the event was to lay the groundwork for an actionable framework capable of supporting the education, regulation and deployment of RNs in Canada who are able to autonomously diagnose illnesses and injuries and to prescribe tests and treatments (including, but not limited to, medications).
The Alberta Medical Association has raised questions about patient safety, quality of care and potential conflicts of interest by people who will prescribe and sell drugs.
In the spring of 2001, many seed companies offered their customers the opportunity to purchase corn hybrids with either Gaucho or Prescribe insecticide applied to the seed.
The respondents to the pilot study (n=123) reflected demographic trends in the workforce--56% stated that they had been prescribing for more than 10 years, and 68% prepared for the qualification in the first education programme for community practitioners to prescribe.
Hurwitz may not be the only physician in the country who is willing to prescribe narcotics for chronic pain, but there are few enough that patients travel hundreds of miles to see them.
The first would enable nurses in community and outpatient settings, who have completed a short prescribing education course, to prescribe a limited number of medicines for minor ailments and illnesses.