prescribe punishment

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The Oyo state Violence Against Women Law 2016 was passed in order to prohibit violence against women in public and private life, put an end to harmful traditional practices and prescribe punishment for offenders under the law in terms of matters connected with violence.
Perhaps, India should think of having a Permanent National Judicial Commission to appoint higher judiciary and also probe complaints against judges and prescribe punishment to the ones found guilty.
In order to prescribe punishment for the preaching and practice of Untouchability for the enforcement of any disability arising therefrom and for matters connected therewith, the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 has been enacted.
Enabling legislation was now required to be adopted to define torture and prescribe punishment for it.
While the Pakistani statute books still carry laws from the colonial period that prescribe punishment for the desecration of religious places and articles, their enforcement has come to depend on how far a community is willing to go to make those laws work, a BBC report noted in December 2012.
Imran Khan said that the only way to counter this is for the Muslim Ummah to act in a concerted fashion and make sure that laws are passed in Western countries that prescribe punishment for those ridiculing religions or religious beliefs of Muslims.
One of the laws, he further explained, is a bill that seeking to prohibit and prescribe punishment for corruption and other related offences, giving the Anti-Corruption Commission the responsibility to investigation and prosecution of offenders.
* CONDEMN - the English dictionary states: 1, To declare to be utterly reprehensible, wrong or evil; 2a, To prescribe punishment for, to sentence to death; 2b, To sentence, doom; 3, To declare unfit for use or consumption.
In those rare cases where it seems that not punishing an innocent offender would seriously threaten the systemic values, a deontologist may either prescribe punishment of the innocent for the sake of protecting the systemic values, or, better, according to Hurd, consider the offender to be in fact guilty for seriously threatening them with his disobedience.
In November 2009, Parliament passed the Child Act which prohibits but does not prescribe punishment for forced child labor.
The Government of Portugal did not provide full statistical evidence of its law enforcement efforts, and it failed to prescribe punishment sufficiently stringent to deter trafficking in Portugal; virtually all convictions for trafficking resulted in suspended sentences in 2004.
Malin claimed the Criminal Code must match the Constitution in that regard, and said that other changes will also prescribe punishments for acts soon to be outlawed by the new constitutional amendments.