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Prescribed burns represent an attempt to reverse the efforts of previous generations of Californians, who eliminated most natural fires from the Sierra.
Both the untreated situation, with its wildfires, and the treatment, with prescribed fires, will create a significant amount of smoke, and smoke is a public health problem that worries air quality regulators.
It cautioned that taking it, along with drugs her husband had already been prescribed, could cause a dangerous reaction.
Department of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman have approved a policy of prescribed burns on forest land over the next decade, Lavin said.
Rcopia reduces the amount of time pharmacists spend on the phone each day checking the types of drugs and dosages prescribed and any other information doctors might have forgotten to write down.
Prescribed burns also limit other effects of fire - such as the closure of the Golden State Freeway the day the Castaic fire broke out and the closure of the Castaic Lake Recreation Area during the Labor Day weekend.
The doctor will diagnose the patient and do the physical assessment and then refer the patient to the pharmacist to assist in decision making as to what medication should be prescribed.
In addition, the program may also be available to insured patients if the prescribed drug is not covered by their health plans.
Many doctors prescribed a drug when there is little or no evidence supporting its efficacy and safety," Stafford said.
According to The Waismann Method 2005 Opiate Dependency Survey, seventy-one percent of patients with opiate dependencies admit they were originally prescribed medication by their physicians, reflecting almost no change from 70 percent last year.