prescribed code of conduct

See: decorum
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He said that the prescribed code of conduct should be implemented strictly.
The marriage contract, which binds a man and a woman, in the name of God for a happy life within a prescribed code of conduct, is the foundation-stone of a family -- the basic unit of a society.
The District Police Officers have been directed to arrange police station wise meetings of all contesting candidates with the concerned Returning Officer, SDPO and Election Commission staff for briefing the candidates on prescribed code of conduct, overall security situation and prescribed guidelines/SOPs for the security of candidates and campaign activities, imposition under Section 144 CrPC; resolving any outstanding local issues and enquiring about the complaints, if any, regarding the partisan behavior of any police official.
Oil drilling violates the prescribed code of conduct of claimants in the South China Sea, as stated in a document signed by China and the 10-member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean)," said a Vietnamese protester who requested anonymity.
The Minister told the House that programming content being aired on private satellite TV channels are generally in accordance with the prescribed Code of Conduct devised under PEMRA Rules 2009 as well as social, cultural and religious values of the country.