prescribed procedure

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On technical requirements for products, as amended,- Removal of the defective part of the diagnostic device manufacturer qualified person according to the manufacturer~s diagnostic agent prescribed procedure,- Installation, this performance subject to full operation by the manufacturer qualified person in accordance with the manufacturer~s diagnostic aid as well as perform other tasks and activities required to supply to fulfill the agreed or usual purpose,- Ensure operational stability tests in accordance with Act no.
However, this does not apply to organs that have been donated for transplantation or treatment, or for medical or dental training or research, provided they are used in the prescribed manner and the donee determined in accordance with the prescribed procedure.
If Sandpiper had indeed followed the prescribed procedure in the relevant Act, then why would the Environmental Commissioner have determined otherwise?
In case of failure to meet the conditions for electronic invoicing system, if the registered person has issued and stored invoices electronically but has failed to meet the conditions relating to the prescribed procedure, besides other legal actions which may be taken for such failure, he shall be required to issue paper invoices till such time the Commissioner is satisfied that the electronic system of the registered person is capable of doing the job.
ISLAMABAD, May 28 -- The Constitution does not provide any jurisdiction to any court of law to invalidate the constitutional amendment made in accordance with the prescribed procedure, says Federation in its replies filed here with Supreme Court on Thursday.
If the time off is requested in order to provide better care for a child under six years of age or if the employee is a career and requires the time off to better care for a family member there will be a prescribed procedure to follow and the request may only be refused on specified business grounds.
The RPA has knowledge of multiple imaging modalities, which helps guide the path of a patient's care if the patient is unable to have a prescribed procedure performed because of allergies or blood chemistry.
The offending outfit has not kept records the FSA expects it to keep, or failed to follow some prescribed procedure - but no actual harm has come of it.
However, Maxwell (1996) explained, "The validity of your results is not guaranteed by following some prescribed procedure.
Any body released without receiving the prescribed procedure is tracked by the COS and not allowed to ship until all standards have been met.
We will check to see whether the application follows the prescribed procedure," Kono told a regular news conference.
Meanwhile, presiding over a meeting regarding affairs of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Workers Welfare Board (WWB), Chief Minister Pervez Khattak directed the labour department to retain those 600 teachers of WWBAC/[euro]a[euro]zC/s schools who were appointed following the prescribed procedure.