prescribed procedure

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The NAB took Cheema into custody in violation of the prescribed procedure, he said, alleging Imran Khan was acting as the mouthpiece of the NAB .
According to the law, first of the two-tier redressal mechanism is to file a complaint in writing to the head of procuring entity in accordance with prescribed procedure while the second is to file an appeal to the KP public procurement authority against the decision of the procuring entity within fifteen days.
The bank claimed that its deputy manager (now retired) Gokul Nath Shetty and Manoj Kharat had fraudulently issued LOUs without following prescribed procedure by obtaining required request applications, documents and approval of authorities and without making any entries in the bank's systems.
Requirement for special uniforms for safety of soldiers deployed on borders / field areas in the country is assessed regularly and provision for introduction of new items / improved version of existing items is made as per prescribed procedure.
Since I took over in July 2010, we strictly followed the prescribed procedure for validation and valuation of right-of-way claims," Singson said at a hearing by the Senate Public Works committee.
However, the Ministry of Human Resources Development can allocate funds for any future programme/scheme of secondary and higher education, based on the requirement, as per prescribed procedure,
Trevnik is a case that concerns the construction of three weekend houses in Zelenikovo outside of the prescribed procedure.
On July 2, NASA reported that Curiosity entered into safe mode and ceased performing its tasks except maintaining itself and following a prescribed procedure for resuming communication with ground control.
Also, if the IO feels that handcuffs should be used as precautionary measure, they should be used after following the prescribed procedure.
Sarfraz said that after completing prescribed procedure as per law, Customs Multan has offered that mobile phone companies can purchase these mobile phone.
Indeed, while it is true that litigation is not a game of technicalities - it is equally true, however, that every case must be established in accordance with the prescribed procedure to ensure an orderly and speedy administration of justice," the SC said.
The minister further instructed if IP addresses were not reported to PTA for white listing as per the prescribed procedure, they should be blocked without any further notice.