prescribed punishment

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Muslim) So, (the principle of ihsan applies) to execution or other than it from that which necessitates prescribed punishment.
Directing the Centre and states to file a comprehensive affidavit on the status of implementing the Pre- conception and Pre- natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act of 1994, which banned the determination of the sex of foetuses and femal foeticide and prescribed punishment for errant doctors, the bench said: "You people make a law and leave it to its fate.
As a result, there is no prescribed punishment and should Pardew admit the charge - his swift apology afterwards suggests he has little alternative - or be found guilty, he could find himself hit with a significant penalty which could even amount to a stadium ban.
If a person is found guilty of embezzlement or fraud he should be made to surrender the entire amount whisked away by him and the only bargaining if at all necessary, should be on the reprieve in the prescribed punishment for the crime involved.
In the event of mechanical failure of the equipment and the execution is not successfully concluded, the procedure will be repeated until the prescribed punishment has been administered," it states.
Amputation is the prescribed punishment for unrepentant thieves who are not deterred from theft after previous convictions and incarcerations.
Under Pakistan Essential Act-1952, it had also prescribed punishment of one year sentence and dismissal from service for the cockpit crew who would violate these orders, he submitted.
This may seem far fetched, but the law is the law and the seriousness of the crime is reflected in the prescribed punishment.
Under this system, a person who committed murder, for example, would receive the prescribed punishment for that crime, which in the nineteenth century meant the guillotine or forced labor.
Ancient Mosaic law, for example, elaborated a range of offences for which public stoning was the prescribed punishment.
These people must be given the prescribed punishment to teach them a lesson," Pargat said.
The legally prescribed punishment in such a case is jail time between six months to 15 years.