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The sources said that the summary regarding Brohi's induction was prepared under the instructions of Principal Secretary to Prime Minister in which only one name was proposed whereas according to prescribed system , a panel of three candidates is recommended.
While throwing light on the current prescribed system, Pir Pagara said that dual system in the province is against true spirit of law and PML-F in consultation with other nationalist parties would observe black day over irresponsible attitude of the government regarding provincial government.
For Torchia, the appeal of owning a franchise is the prescribed system - from advertising to pricing food items, from colour schemes to the way the food is prepared and cooked.
At first, states grappled with what appeared to be inequitable systems--a prescribed system for regular candidates, and a loose system for career changers.
Tenders are invited for the work consists of providing and installing prescribed systems and equipment, in accordance with the owner~s directives and needs.