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We identified prescriber demographic, employment, and training characteristics using the Personnel and Accounting Integrated Database (PAID) for VA-employed prescribers.
If after review and assessment of the patient, the prescriber writes a prescription it can be for no more than 14 days for acute pain, and no more than 90 morphine mili-equivalent for opiate-naive patients.
CVS pharmacists will also be able to easily request a prescription change from the prescriber when needed with a simple one-step process.
We wish to employ either a nurse practitioner [NP] or a nurse prescriber.
Our study supports the fact that poor knowledge of prescriber adversely affects the rationality in prescribing.
3) Given these alarming statistics, it is imperative that prescribers be familiar with opioid prescribing guidelines in order to formulate strategies that promote patient safety and effective pain management while reducing the risks for abuse, dependency, overdose, and death.
Not telling the prescriber that you have stopped or are not able to take your medicines may be harmful to your health and does not allow the problem to be solved.
In Kentucky, a prescriber has the duty to review a patient's "Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System" (KASPER) report before prescribing any CII, CIII and some CIV drugs.
Part D insurers and MTM subcontractors "may involve prescribers and treating physicians in the MTM referral and consultation process, and may establish processes for the electronic exchange of interoperable MTM documentation that integrate conveniently into prescriber work flows.
The correct citation for the article is: Perrin, L (2015) Embrace your autonomy: be proud to be a nurse prescriber.
Telus Health said it is adding important new functionality to its existing health technology portfolio through its acquisition of an interest in the underlying technology of the ZRx Prescriber from Quebec-based ZoomMed.