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These representatives are frequently a primary source of manufacturer information for prescribers.
The Biologics Prescribers Collaborative is an organization of groups representing physicians who regularly prescribe biologics that aims to ensure that sound policies are in place to promote the safest possible use of all biologics, including biosimilars, for all patients.
The decision for the PSD to be signed by a non- medical independent prescriber was based on several factors including: the availability of a skilled practitioner with experience of working with children and young people who is also a competent and confident independent prescriber; managing the service within the existing workforce rather than having to source a medical prescriber with the cost implications which that would involve.
Over time, the intention will be for the Services to focus less on the gate-keeping role and more on improving the knowledge and understanding of Prescribers.
But, despite the gradual roll out of the programme in Wales, there are concerns that the nation lags behind England in the use of independent prescribers and that patients are not benefiting.
The second component of the Rx Savvy for Healthy Outcomes Prescriber Information Project is the dissemination of independent study modules developed by other Attorney General Grantees in the four topical areas of:
To date, 27 DNSs have completed training as prescribers, with HWNZ aiming to have 100 either in training or trained by July 2014.
Research has been conducted with health visitor prescribers (Young et al, 2009; Davies, 2005) and the themes that emerged focused on good-quality patient care and time saved for clients.
Among the problems reported by physicians were difficulties or delays in obtaining passwords for prescribers and patients, problems in being locked out of the iPLEDGE Web site or in accessing the program's phone system and Web site, and long delays reaching a person at the iPLEDGE call center, according to the AAD.
Tennessee's database reported to the Tennessee General Assembly in February that: 41 percent of prescribers report that they are less likely to prescribe controlled substances after checking the database; 34 percent of prescribers are more likely to refer a patient for substance abuse treatment; and, 86 percent of prescribers report that the database is useful for decreasing doctor shopping.
ZNO has strongly supported expanded prescribing rights for nurses in its submission on a Nursing Council proposal for two new nurse prescriber roles.