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Najuma noted that much of the challenge results from Western societal constructs of the nuclear family and capitalist prescripts that require constant work for survival.
Moreover, although each tolerated deviation undermines the prescript of Article 53, the Charter system remains fairly resilient.
Any group of people that rebels against any single prescript of the clear and reliably transmitted prescripts of Islam has to be fought.
Poeticall dimension is that which is bound to the continuall obseruation of prescript spaces.
When Lake and Donne magnified the first sacrament's redemptive power and moral prescript, they were betting, in effect, that if the baptismal covenant's spiritual energies could be contained within the sanctuary, they might safely be put to the ecclesial uses of morality and piety.
Using the context profile and rule-based constraint mapping, the context profile processor generates a set of transformation processes/operators called transformation prescript required to meet the constraints.
According to the Defence Forces' Physical Fitness Prescript (2000), every commander his to control the physical.
1, with its right and top edges preserved) contains roughly the right half of a prescript, including, fortunately, an archon name (Aristion) and dating formula [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Possessed of such a prescript is neither Darlymple et al.
Other companies charge as much as $25 per prescript on per month, and some charge a percentage of the drug's retail price, said Sandy Moulton, director of patient assistance and reimbursement programs for GlaxoSmithKline in Research Triangle Park, N.
Using this define and collect (or capture) paradigm, the developers define the types of events they want to find, and then either choose a classroom so they can prescript or prearrange a given lesson, or search databases of existing video to find ones that illustrate the desired point(s).
In doing so, it strictly adhered to a course of formal legalism where each of a litany of draconian measures was carefully and precisely cast in legal prescript.