prescriptive right

See: droit
References in classic literature ?
If anyone can claim a prescriptive right of interest in the Moonstone, and in everything connected with it, I think it is hardly to be denied that I am the man.
He had established such a long prescriptive right to this deportment (his son's inheritance from his mother) that I several times knew both Caddy and her husband to be melted to tears by these affectionate self-sacrifices.
Nay, more, I insisted at once on my prescriptive right and on his patriotic obligation in the matter.
The Arcade and Plaza will be closed to the public to preserve the owner's right to the Arcade and Plaza and to preclude a public claim to prescriptive right to the area.
It is a nonnegotiable, uncompromisable and prescriptive right as stated in the Syrian laws, the international law and the international legitimacy resolutions,'' the letters added.
An employer can establish a statutory defence against illegal working by undertaking prescriptive right to work checks e.
This is called a prescriptive right of access and he had registered it when he bought the cottage.
PHREC's tenants in the Heights Shopping Center had a prescriptive right to use Superior's land to access dumpsters, according to the motion filed by Geoffrey B.
They argue they now have a prescriptive right over the wall.
I had to apply to the Land Registry to register a prescriptive right of way, which included taking garden refuse out and contractors coming through the school field to maintain the property.
The advice I have been given is that I may have gained a common law prescriptive right of access, and I have written to other local residents suggesting they consider joining me in mounting a legal challenge to this fence.
Don't leave it until a year or two after its happened otherwise the blockage starts to build up a prescriptive right to remain.