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56) In other words, the bottom line of my critique will not amount to the adoption of the objection (that only authentic positive appraisal can produce self-esteem), either analytically or prescriptively.
95 for an annual membership, membership benefits go beyond the generally anticipated offerings and include dedicated Lunch and Learn events, industry specific knowledge forums to prescriptively help members effectively strategize their opportunities and close business.
I think the CAAs are a step in the right direction but would like to see them become prescriptively electronic.
Dworkin is proposing a descriptive thesis justifying the status quo of "our" political system, he is not prescriptively asking us to "imagine new worlds" as Cover did.
Consequently, there are multiple points of intervention, longitudinally and prescriptively, though preventive or therapeutic measures.
Therefore, the doctrine of karma functions both descriptively and prescriptively in Hindu culture.
The consequence of this seems likely to be more prescriptively drafted SPPs than before, with a view to their implementation through assessment of individual development applications.
At first glance, these approaches may seem like polar opposites--"damned if you do, damned if you don't"--but perhaps they are better looked at as balancing factors, guidelines that can help but should not be used too prescriptively.
able to prescriptively capture a right to continue engaging in nuisance
In this typology, gatekeepers function on the assumption that knowledge is not free but, rather, is a codifiable, commodifiable and marketable good that is accrued for private benefits, and that, on this basis, protocols are prescriptively enacted to control access from outsiders.
Themusic, a cheerfully melodic grin and tonic, is a prescriptively invigorating shot in the arm thanks to these Dr Feelgoods and their adrenaline injected way with a tune.