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In its purposiveness and prescriptiveness, institutional africology conserves information that is invaluable to continental Africans and their planet-wide descendants as they make use of the behavioral force to affect the form and substance of the leadership force, the educational force, and the resource force.
However, once the program document is submitted, the prescriptiveness becomes tighter.
1), and is an example of the lowered prescriptiveness benefiting analytical performance.
As one who came of age academically in the 1980s, I have more sympathy with Par ker's and Bevington's openness to the contemporary than with Clayton's dismissiveness and Simonds' prescriptiveness.
I trust that when the Assembly considers this report it will do so sensibly, sympathetically and imaginatively, avoiding prescriptiveness about structures, and that it will energise those of us working in universities and colleges with a plan which is given the resource to succeed.
163), pointed out that such prescriptiveness can be mitigated by explicitly acknowledging the trade-offs in any decision.
The conclusion drawn is based on the assumption that there is a direct relationship between the historical genesis of Halakhah and the degree of its prescriptiveness -- i.
Furthermore, BEPA methodology complements the IPMVP and adds value by providing the necessary depth and prescriptiveness to the pre- and post-ECM evaluation process.
She bases her central thesis around the concepts of 'authorial prescriptiveness and elusiveness' (p.
As field directors for a collective 50 years, we are seeing that field instructors as practitioners are doing more not less and are using less formulaic approaches in situations calling for less prescriptiveness than in prior decades.
I was really far from crime and jail" - a statement that may be read in terms of the paradigmatic prisons of literary prescriptiveness.
With this focus on prescriptiveness in measurement and on long-term outcomes, general outcome measurement integrates key features from two assessment paradigms: traditional psychometric theory and the methodologies used to quantify directly observed performance.