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Prescriptivism through Lowth's text uncovers more richness of referential systems with individuals performing different roles in order to convince the reader of the convenience of establishing rules and using that grammar.
The liberals mainly comprise highly educated people who interrogate various issues, among them prescriptivism in Kiswahili poetry composition.
222) For most people, universal prescriptivism will reveal the intolerability of fanaticism, for it shows that we should not pursue actions which we would have others, in like instances, desist from pursuing.
definition of prescriptivism as "the demand that each piece of
Hare is an example of prescriptivism and he maintains that there are "three most important truths about moral judgments and these are that (1) ethical decisions are prescriptive which (2) logically communicate (3) universalizability.
The main challenge in usage manuals is to strike the right balance between prescriptivism and descriptivism.
Although I have distinguished coherentism from pure prescriptivism,
Ong's study is especially interesting for its discussion of the relation of Ignatius' "particularist prescriptivism .
One group is purely theoretical, developing and motivating Hare's moral theory, objective prescriptivism (essays 1-4, 9-11, and 13).
It is interesting that Lowell and Larkin's rediscovery of catalexis has not caught on among subsequent users of the pentameter to the extent that one might have expected, even among Larkin's acknowledged poetic disciples like Anthony Thwaite and Douglas Dunn: the roots of prescriptivism run deep, and nobody wants to be awarded the asses' ears as one of Ghose's "incompetent poets" who cannot count up to ten.
Payne also refers to the ideological aspect of architectural prescriptivism, especially in the nascent academies.
Prescriptivism in English originated in the late seventeenth century with the feeling, mentioned earlier, that the language, unlike French, had been neglected and lacked standards.