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William Safire, another prudent prescriptivist, also belonged to Fowler's fifth group.
More than a million copies of Fowler's have been sold; it is simply, to recall Burchfield's words, "the Bible of prescriptivists.
The outcome of this form of civic engagement is that the prescriptivist either has a winning or losing agenda.
In so doing, a Foundations of Canadian Law course contests the prescriptivist view that legal subjects are passive recipients of norms generated by some other agent.
In contrast to the flexible orthography and syntax in many CMC contexts, Crystal rightly points out that word processors and some e-mail clients "must surely influence our intuitions about the nature of our language" through the prescriptivist grammar and spell-checkers they include (p.
Well in line with the language ideology he reiterates throughout the book, Crystal does not take a prescriptivist approach and suggests that we embrace language change, including the flexible orthography, grammar, and style common to the many varieties of "netspeak.
Those tendencies were effectively promoted by the English prescriptivist and purist tradition stigmatising pleonasm and tautology (cf.
Though expressing the descriptivists' view, Gordis (2012) suggested a fitting depiction of this position: "Why do prescriptivists so fervently support such silly rules?