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The Preselect system gives the airline total control of the amount of water carried at the touch of a button.
The WSA-00241 offers 15 dB nominal ([+ or -]2 dB) gain in each receive path, with high selectivity preselect filters providing -65 dBc rejection in transmit bands.
But that is precisely what makes the spot ideal for this British artist, whose interest lies in anatomizing and reversing the optical hierarchies that preselect "glance" or "gaze" mode in relation to what's before us.
The programmable memory switch enables the doctor to preselect the chair's most used position.
Of course I know it would be stupid to suggest that it should be possible to preselect the amount of petrol you want and then the pump is activated without you having to put in a Herculean effort.
From the tractor seat, an operator can preselect variables such as bale size, wrapping medium and amount of wrap.
The organizers will enable customers to preselect their weekly groceries from individually tailored, computerized shopping lists, compiled from their own past purchases.
The FlowControl+ actively controllable nozzle technology allows the capability to preselect the material outlet temperature from the injection nozzle very precisely.