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Alecos Michaelides, Ports Authority chairman and transport ministry permanent secretary, said that following the evaluation of 33 bids received in the first stage, the authorities have preselected 12 companies or consortiums interested in the container terminal, 10 for sea services, and 13 for the general cargo terminal.
The FRIENDit button: "Always Anonymous Upstander" allows witnesses of cyberbullying to capture offensive material and anonymously send to preselected trusted adults including school officials.
With eight A1s, she has been preselected for Oxford University.
Summary: Morocco has preselected four out of 19 consortia that presented bids to develop the first phase of a 500 megawatt solar energy project in the south of the country, the agency managing the project Masen said.
When the driver moves the gear stick into the D (drive) position, first gear is selected in one gearbox and second gear is automatically preselected in the other.
By doing so, the pair were able to ensure that the former Marseille frontman sat out preselected matches under the cumulative bookings system.
In the event of failure, IPSentry activates an audible alert and sends notification by text message to any e-mail address, cell phone, pager or PDA, or launches a preselected external application.
Our panel has preselected what we believe to be the top six best covers.
An electric servo motor controls the speed of the rotation of the screw conveyor and provides feedback to the controller, allowing the unit to measure the preselected feed rate (auger rotation speed) with precision.
A spokeswoman for the industry watchdog said: "It has been alleged that the draw was fixed and that the winner Susie was preselected.
The series includes LL piston-style meters and SN and MN vane-style meters made of materials preselected for circulating lubricating oil.