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Alecos Michaelides, Ports Authority chairman and transport ministry permanent secretary, said that following the evaluation of 33 bids received in the first stage, the authorities have preselected 12 companies or consortiums interested in the container terminal, 10 for sea services, and 13 for the general cargo terminal.
The document will be sent to the preselected investors together with the procedure letter for the second phase of the tender.
If you are already a Twitter user then log in to your twitter account, Enter your phone number and let the carrier as preselected 'Warid' and follow the wizard to complete registration.
You may have heard the sentence that goes like this: "Don't change the answer; the preselected answer in MCQs is commonly right.
The selection board responsible for evaluating the applications for the European Capital of Culture 2017 recommended, on 25 November, that Aarhus and Sonderborg, two Danis cities, should be preselected for the title.
Summary: Morocco has preselected four out of 19 consortia that presented bids to develop the first phase of a 500 megawatt solar energy project in the south of the country, the agency managing the project Masen said.
have developed Statistical Radiation Detection System (SRaDS), a software solution that can identify any set of preselected radionuclides in low-count situations.
In a methodologically well-founded approach, it should be made clear on what grounds functions are preselected, and especially what the status of examples is.
When the driver moves the gear stick into the D (drive) position, first gear is selected in one gearbox and second gear is automatically preselected in the other.
In the event of failure, IPSentry activates an audible alert and sends notification by text message to any e-mail address, cell phone, pager or PDA, or launches a preselected external application.