presence of mind

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They said the driver, Amjad Ali, showed presence of mind and applied emergency brakes to stop the train.
There many examples of presence of mind used by Dhoni.
The game triggers presence of mind, team management, SWOT analysis, physical strength and understanding of opponent's strategy.
How fortunate that someone thought to hit record on both occasions, and that the film's director, Amir Bar-Lev, had the presence of mind to include both of them, perhaps realizing how the two scenes capture the easy coexistence of eschatological gravity and drug-fueled looseness that explains the Dead's special place in American culture.
Despite the hue and cry triggered by the clipping on social media, the officer, Nitin Gogoi was appreciated over the presence of mind to avoid casualties or injuries.
Reece had the good sense and presence of mind to call an ambulance.
Thankfully, one cabbie had the presence of mind to capture on his mobile phone the torrent of vile comments he endured from a passenger.
Karachi -- Two planes came head to head earlier on Thursday near Gwadar and barely avoided the collision as the national airline's pilot showed great presence of mind, saving the day for both the planes as well as the passengers.
HE (Mitrovic) still had the presence of mind to be in the right place for a striker to get on the end of any bobbles or ricochets.
However, the techie's presence of mind helped her trick the pervert who is now cooling his heels behind the bars.
These and similar habits can give each of us the presence of mind to influence the outcome of each moment of the day, whatever crosses our paths.
Thankfully neither of them were harmed and the lady had the presence of mind to act bravely to protect both herself and her husband, causing the intruders to run off."

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