present an opportunity

See: extend, offer
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The use of supercritical fluids (SCFs) in the polymer industry is said to present an opportunity to create unique products, both now and in the future, as demand and usage of the technology further develops.
There is also an organic preservative for bread derived from barley that could present an opportunity for local farmers.
Approached correctly, these projects present an opportunity for achieving an economic benefit.
Secure e-commerce competencies present an opportunity for CPAs.
Market disruptions present an opportunity for entrepreneurs with new technology to create value that wasn't previously possible, and our team is excited to be part of finding the new leaders in these domains.
The proliferation of broadband Internet connections, a growing variety of portable media devices and rising comfort levels with digital rights management tools present an opportunity for entertainment companies such as Starz Entertainment Group to re-purpose the content they've amassed for emerging markets," said Salman Wakil, a partner in Accenture's Communications & High Tech operating group.
Dhuri writes, "NextPhase's business model seems to present an opportunity for the rapidly evolving wireless broadband market.
These findings of dose dependent responses to ZIO-102 (as well as to ZIO-101) present an opportunity to better design specific therapeutic regimens in the treatment of cancer.
National security systems present an opportunity for smart card vendors to enter a completely new, lower-volume, higher-margin market.
Therefore, in both the short and long-term, the midmarket and even the high-end of small companies present an opportunity.
Hats Off events present an opportunity for Hats Off to create community celebrations that benefit local non-profit organizations.