present argument

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Unlike previous arguments for the level specificity of chance, the present argument shows, in a precise sense, that higher level chance does not collapse into epistemic probability, despite higher level properties supervening on lower level ones.
THE present argument over Nunthorpe wanting to move out of Middlesbrough reflects only half the problem.
Maxime Gaume(21) mistakenly attributes to the character Eryximachus this remarkable notion of the fraction complementaire or complementary part;(22) and it is important for the present argument to note that it is in fact the half-comical, half-serious Aristophanes who enunciates the Platonic theory of magnetic attraction in the Symposium.
Given that dispositionalism is becoming an increasingly influential view in the metaphysics of science, the present argument, if successful, suggests that Platonism will see something of a revival in contemporary metaphysics.
Thomas University] Professor [Amy] Ronner, who was present in court to supervise the legal interns' arguments, not to present argument to the Third District.
Although it is not the purpose of this article to discuss Lacan's use of anamorphosis, it was the starting point for the present argument.
As a result, the Court ordered a preliminary injunction hearing to take place on April 4, 2005 at which time the parties shall present argument and evidence as to whether a preliminary injunction should be issued consistent with the Order issued by the Court today.
The judge asked her counsel to present arguments against her indictment.
Beyond arguing that the patient's life was in danger, they could also present arguments that allowing him to die would lead to security risks, according to Physicians for Human Rights.
Under Judge Scullin's order, the attorneys representing SAF and the District will appear in court July 7 to present arguments for and against the city's motion for a stay pending appeal of his initial May 18 ruling.
At the meeting with Thaci, the recent and elections and current political issues were discussed while PDSH's leader used the meeting to present arguments over election manipulations carried out by BDI in many Albanian-populated areas.
And I pay tribute in particular to those staff working on the ground in fragile environments like in Yemen and Somalia, in repressive states including North Korea who are able to observe events few others can, to present arguments and concerns that might otherwise not be heard, and to forge relationships that allow us to change attitudes and encourage progress even where it seems most difficult.