present facts

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Exactly the same present fact would not call up the same memory if our past experience had been different.
In the second count, they pleaded guilty to failing to report their entry into Kenya at the Busia border point on diverse dates between June 18 and 20, 2019.They also pleaded guilty to being in Kenya illegally, which was established after their arrest on June 23.They will be sentenced for the two offences Tuesday after Prosecutor Kennedy Amwayi asked for time to present facts.INVESTIGATIONSThe suspects, together with Mr Gullow Ayow Musa, have been in police custody since June 24 after the same court allowed police to hold them for ten days as they conclude investigations.
During the proceedings, PML-N President Shehbaz said he wanted to present facts about the Ramzan Sugar Mills case and claimed that NAB had made a "propaganda, fake and baseless case".
Independent journalism provides an opportunity to present facts to citizens and to form an opinion.
Dont be too smart and present facts in a wrong way !!!!"Telling Binsky that Kashmir is India's integral part', one wrote: " Another wrote: Drew Binskycontent is good , but u need lessons in history and geography bro !"
The report being presented today therefore sets out present facts about the war on terrorism in their pristine form, untainted by any vested interest.
"I am going to talk to them and present facts before them.
The Center commended the results of reports reached by Joint Incidents Assessment Team in Yemen, appreciating its exerting efforts to present facts to the public opinion.
A parliamentary committee should be constituted to investigate the allegations as it is our obligations and right to present facts before the masses, he said while speaking in the National Assembly.
The manuals and reports present facts and analyze their limitations and application for average engineers in their everyday work; they are not standards, but neither are they introductions for non-engineers.
Mohamed Yousif Al-Degair, has called on the different media organs to abandon excitement, and to work for clearly present facts honestly and professionally, especially after the formation of the nation reconciliation government and the start for the implementation of the provisions of the national document unanimously agreed upon by the Sudan's people.
"Rather than engage in revisionist history, the Library should base its decisions on sound judgment, taking actual history, present facts, and future research efforts into account."