present information

See: inform, notify
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The Paphos branch of the Alzheimer's Association will hold a meeting at the Paphos Kamares Club to present information and advice about the related issues of Alzheimer's disease on Thursday at 4pm.
Teachers should present information using metaphors, and giving students choices in how they want to present information they've learned.
Within these chapters the authors present information on the rational of multicultural practice, the aim of multiculturalism, addressing power and culture, multicultural competencies, and ingredients of successful multicultural practice.
This conference will present information on new materials for resisting corrosive environments, such as those encountered in sewerage and other pipe, the offshore oil industry, oil drilling and transportation, the chemical and petrochemical industries, vehicles, aircraft, marine applications, medical devices, kitchen and food equipment, and plastics packaging.
We have an incredible ability to retrieve and present information as you've identified.
In the online meetings, without ever leaving their desks, internal wholesalers can present information similar to what's provided in the field by external wholesalers," said Susan Davis, sales support director for Seattle-based Safeco.
Section 4 contains summary tables for the entire province by the type of space being used, and section 5 contains six appendixes that define the space classification scheme and present information about definitions and space standards, as well as a calendar of pertinent information and a list of publications.
When you do have latitude on deciding what to show in a visual, present information that may be more difficult for a novice to generate in her "mind's eye.
and present information about other A2D products and services.
Accompanying the usual maleficium, healing, and divination activities, these documents present information that the accused conjured up the storms to delay Queen Anne and assisted Bothwell in his attempts first to gain the king's favor and then to destroy him.
Vandalia, Ohio, will present information on its first four-cavity PET reheat machine, the RSB 4.