present itself

See: appear, arise, occur
References in classic literature ?
As if a big round apple presented itself to my hand, a ripe golden apple, with a coolly-soft, velvety skin:--thus did the world present itself unto me:--
As if delicate hands carried a casket towards me--a casket open for the delectation of modest adoring eyes: thus did the world present itself before me to-day:--
He employed a mode of proceeding, upon which he preserved the most profound secrecy, and which consisted in advancing to himself from the coffers of the syndic, half a dozen year's profits, that is to say, fifteen thousand livres, swearing to himself -- observe, quite to himself -- to repay this deficiency as soon as an opportunity should present itself.
Well, I think--I do not say I hope--I think that this favourable opportunity will never present itself.
Rothschild; but as my motive in travelling to your capital would not have been for the pleasure of dabbling in stocks, I stayed away till some favorable chance should present itself of carrying my wish into execution.
In this solemnly pledged union of her life, duty would present itself in some new form of inspiration and give a new meaning to wifely love.
I was aware that he entertained a cordial detestation of the ship, and believed that, should a fair chance of escape present itself, he would embrace it willingly.
And now that all the false hopes had vanished, and the first shock of certainty was past, the idea of a thief began to present itself, and he entertained it eagerly, because a thief might be caught and made to restore the gold.
Had no important step been taken by the leaders of the Revolution for which a precedent could not be discovered, no government established of which an exact model did not present itself, the people of the United States might, at this moment have been numbered among the melancholy victims of misguided councils, must at best have been laboring under the weight of some of those forms which have crushed the liberties of the rest of mankind.
Secondly, corruption should be rooted out and the ruling clique should present itself for transparent accountability, adding tax collection should be enhanced across the board, said Imran at "Meet the Press Programme" organised by Karachi Press Club on Tuesday.
Supporters of traditional marriage realize the importance of the parliamentary vote and that another opportunity to overturn the same-sex 'marriage' legislation may not present itself in the near future.
For MPAC, which wants to present itself to the community as a moderate and reasonable voice, this kind of heated rhetoric is, frankly, self-destructive.