present oneself

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In the words of early 20th century Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci, the key may be to embody "pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will" - that is, to present oneself as an idealistic realist (as Hillary has) or to balance calls for change or even revolution (per Bernie Sanders) with sober acknowledgment of our nation's problems.
The biggest loss is not having a new way to present oneself.
Canaday grants practical advice in how to present oneself as a valuable employee and break through the stalling of one's career.
Test preparation, tips and tricks, essay advice, and guides on how to best present oneself to a private school are all a part of this preparation course.
This may represent a "new normal" in which Americans are adjusting to a less robust economy, or a more basic element of human psychology that manifests itself in a need to present oneself as frugal.
And doing this also makes the parent's job easier, since a fundamental way to present oneself as a 'good parent' is to display that one already knows about any problematic aspects of the student/child's academic performance or behaviour.
The company says its unique methods give quick and immediate feedback about how to present oneself in very authentic way.
How to present oneself as a disinterested party to a situation which is so personal, and to which one still reacts in such a visceral manner?
of North Carolina at Greensboro) urges lead teachers, principals and central office leaders to create a foundation of self-understanding to help construct meaning from what one has experienced and what one is becoming, to know how to present oneself to achieve personal and organizational goals, and to know how to give leadership to the creation of educational settings.
An academic from the classics department said: "It is extremely demoralising regularly to present oneself for class, only to find that there is nobody to teach.
Staff also complained that students were not turning up for lectures One said: "It is demoralising to present oneself for class, only to find that there is nobody to teach
Performers were called upon to reinvent their personal biographies, usually grappling with a tension between the desire to present oneself as a successful megastar, and the need to demonstrate a certain disdain for commercial success and profit.