present reason

See: show cause
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He readily assured her of his secrecy; again expressed his sorrow for her distress, wished it a happier conclusion than there was at present reason to hope, and leaving his compliments for her relations, with only one serious, parting look went away.
The work begins with a discussion of the historical and present reason for legal industry regulation and continues with an examination of deregulation of legal practices in the UK and Europe as well as the effects of emerging and evolving technology, as well as new laws, such as the Legal Services Act of 2007, on the current state of the legal profession.
There will obviously be concern by some as to whether the adjudicator will be as rigorous as the court, but there is no present reason to think that this will not be the case," he said.
Analyzing reason in such a way might debunk it in the eyes of those who want to base social obligation on a higher standard, but that is not a problem for the author and it enables him to present reason as an historic fluke.
The fact that there has been a bold economic recovery in recent years must present reason for optimism, with or without Musharraf in charge of the country.
In his pre-hearing conference report, the DALA magistrate said, "DEP has no present reason to believe that the company is out of compliance with the enforcement orders.
Young People's Minister Ivan Lewis said: 'Overall, these figures present reason for cautious optimism.
The brief said that "the courts permitting the attorney to be present reason that a layperson should not be expected to evaluate the propriety of every medical question at his or her peril.
The committee adopted the stance that in case of delay and not arrival of the answer of question, the concerned minister would be bound to present reasons in this regard.
By using multiple viewpoints, it is able to present reasons and grounds without bias toward a single perspective.
Furthermore, the GACA confirmed that airline companies wishing to operate in the Kingdom must present reasons why they had been banned and what measures they have taken to overcome them in compliance with all aviation safety requirements and measures that govern air travel.
Wang said Beijing should present reasons for refusing them entry, particularly an explanation for how he and Wu'er would pose a threat to Hong Kong.