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PRESENTATION, eccl. law. The act of a patron offering his clerk to the bishop of the diocese to be instituted in a church or benefice.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It straddles the worlds of scientific visualization, presentation graphics, and Hollywood-style animation--providing the precision, accuracy and power to process large scientific data sets, then presenting them in a visually stunning form that informs as well as entertains.
The top 10 overall topics identified were as follows: (1) the basic workplace skills needed by industry; (2) communication skills for the millennium; (3) how soft skills should be taught and measured; (4) computer literacy components desired by industry; (5) whether computer courses should teach skills or concepts; (6) the best way to measure and evaluate competencies in spreadsheets, presentation graphics, and databases; (7) differences in achievement with distance learning and classroom teaching; (8) whether problem-solving skills are being taught in software instruction; (9) development of instruments for measuring business competencies; and (10) preparing students for employers multi-skills expectations.
The group also uses PhotoWorks[TM] to create photo-realistic presentation graphics and share product concepts more effectively.
But the electronic card can contain up to 40 MB of data, including HTML, audio files, video clips, animation, presentation graphics, product/service demos and feedback forms.
Another dual cartridge printer, it offers faster, higher-quality performance than the 460 and is ideal for photographs, presentation graphics and quality desktop publishing such as newsletters, brochures and eye-catching reports.
It provides navigation from within and among documents with automatically generated hyperlinks, next page and previous page buttons, indexes, tables of contents, lists of figures, table lists, reference documents, and presentation graphics, which gives the publication a real Web appeal."
Up & Running took on the installation job in July and decided to find out if its pretty 3-D presentation graphics could help figure out where all the pipes and wires should go.
There are five versions available: the standard which has the Word 2000 word processor; Excel 2000 spreadsheet; Outlook 2000, which is an e-mail, personal organiser and information manager; and Powerpoint 2000, which is a powerful, multi-media presentation graphics package.
The committee wanted to extend the board's intellectual reach into emerging technologies and developing markets of the company's presentation graphics business.
Several recent technologies alter the classroom atmosphere: course home pages that include syllabi, assignments and other materials; using electronic mail and attachments to communicate with students and for them to submit their assignments; showing Internet sites in class to demonstrate access to current information, and incorporating this source in class assignments; and the use of presentation graphics.
ITV also allows instructors to use videotapes, slides, and presentation graphics software.
Budget presentations created in other presentation graphics packages can be converted into ".gif" files (see glossary) and web pages.

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