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For users of presentation graphics software, this cross-platform support is critical to help ensure that all the elements of a presentation -- text, graphics and illustrations -- can be seamlessly moved from one platform to another.
The latest version of SPSS includes a new presentation graphics system, enhanced data and output management, and the new SPSS Complex Samples add-on module for analyzing survey data.
0 is the best integrated presentation graphics product I've seen," said Sam White, president of the Edwards Air Force Base Computer Users Group.
In more than 140 markets across the United States, the company's 51 divisions and more than 3,600 employees are the leading suppliers of reprographic services and technology to the construction industry, manufacturers, software and hardware development companies, corporate offices, marketing and advertising agencies, publishing firms, retail establishments and presentation graphics providers.
Gerry was the sole or primary designer of several of the firm's well known early projects, including the Football Hall of Fame or Bill-DING-Board, and he created its most distinctive collage type presentation graphics.
New feature enhancements also have been made to Entourage(TM) X, the e-mail and personal information manager, PIM programs, Word X, Excel X and the PowerPoint(R) X presentation graphics program.
ThinkFree (booth 1547) will showcase ThinkFree Office, a Microsoft Office compatible suite of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics applications, which uses Java technology to support a wide variety of operating systems and device platforms
The new iPresentation Mobile Playback Option supports Microsoft Windows Media Player and PowerPoint presentation graphics program.
the "Company" or "SPCH") (Nasdaq: SPCOD), the visual communications software company(TM), today announced the shipment of Harvard Graphics 98, a new, updated version of its flagship Harvard Graphics presentation graphics software product.
17th to 24th, trial disks of ASAP, the company's new presentation graphics software products, can be found in a stand at various sites in the San Diego airport.
Presentation graphics expertise is becoming a key computer skill for marketing-oriented accountants.
To enhance productivity right out of the box, Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition with Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet software, Lotus Freelance presentation graphics and Lotus WordPro plus Intuit Quicken Basic 2001 come pre-installed on the Satellite 1735 and 1755.

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