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The contents of the course will cover effective writing skills, writing formal reports, collection and presentation of data, writing an abstract/summary, types of formal reports and presentation skill.
The subject of the public contract is complex delivery systems and services to the Client to create and operate a robust tool for effective management, analysis and presentation of data in the form of Basic warehouse region, individual data marts and business intelligence tools.
By summer 2006 the force had developed an application "for the extraction, analysis and presentation of data from mobile telephones" with "striking similarities".
The enhancements are intended to improve the speed of mail handling and simplify the presentation of data to customers.
The big upward move came ahead of the presentation of data from trials for its experimental treatment for fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome.
The SDA processing feature offers visual data presentation of data while still keeping strict GLP compliance.
Air Force officials will implement three changes to officer selection briefs, or OSBs; two changes deal with presentation of data related to developmental education, while a third change deals with deployment history.
This presentation of data and anecdotes is engaging, and even those readers who take issue with the neo-Marxist perspective will find it to be thought provoking.
Academic institutions are becoming increasingly interested in the collection and presentation of data to support strategic planning, accreditation, and accountability needs.
2003) criticized our presentation of data on a seasonal basis.
Queries, presentation of data, and reports are available in the information warehouse application, segregated by country and case.
HTML is a rendered presentation of data for a specific set of clients (namely HTML-based browsers), while XML can be data, its presentation, or a combination of both.

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