presentation of the documentation

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Elaboration of the project for the authorization / dismantling of the construction works dtac: - elaboration of a project for authorizing execution / dismantling of works (dtac), - elaboration of studies and documentation necessary to obtain the required approvals by the urbanism certificate, - drawing up a project for the organization of works (dtoe), - presentation of the documentation in order to acquire it by the expert / technical experts who have developed the technical expertise / expertise at the sf phase, - adaptation, Completion and / or modification of the dtac and dtoe project as required by the verifier / verifier recommendations and ...
Although the Administrative Clause indicates that the presentation of the documentation must be electronically, through the application of "Sobre Digital", until this application does not work 100%, it can be done in parallel .
since this race telematics all statements relating to the participation and presentation of the documentation are to be integrated with those of the tender rules.

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