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Attorney Anthony Gray also said the decision was a "direct reflection of the presentation of the evidence," and criticised what he called "cynicism" in the questions found in the grand jury documents, which were released on Monday night.
When the company tried to use that excuse to contest my unemployment benefits, I demanded my right to a hearing and a presentation of the evidence against me under New Jersey state law.
The presentation of the evidence of professional liability insurance (copy of insurance policy and the bank statement of the last contribution payment) is done with the request to participate.
After a presentation of the evidence, Rau discerns how the evidence would be interpreted using the assumptions that define each of the six models.
One might disagree with a particular interpretation or argue its merit, but the presentation of the evidence, textual and physical, is the most important service provided by this volume and the author should be congratulated and thanked for that.
We are confident that the Supreme Court will uphold the Illinois Appellate Court's ruling recognizing the serious constitutional issues raised by the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act and that the Illinois Supreme Court like the Appellate Court, will return this case to the trial court for a complete presentation of the evidence demonstrating that the real-life harms this law imposes cannot be justified.
Li outlines his central purpose and findings simply and cogently, and follows through with a systematic presentation of the evidence and analysis, all of which is done in exquisite prose.
The mast is being pulled down after the presentation of the evidence to operator O2 by local protesters.
This is a book of history, with implications for its readers about theology--but it is not about theology per se--and although Macy has personal opinions about women's ordination in the present, his presentation of the evidence has all the requisite scholarly detachment that should make it possible for individuals on all sides of the debate to use it as a starting point.
JDSU organized its trial story around "five key facts," first presented in opening statement, and used as a constant reference in the presentation of the evidence at trial.
But we found inconsistencies with the presentation of the evidence.
The bench trial was an "absolute delight," Jones said, adding that he particularly "appreciated the efficiency of the presentation of the evidence and of document retrieval.

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