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From his presentation of the facts concerning the fate of the masterminds of the January 15, 1966 coup, a coup which set off a chain reaction that culminated in the Civil War, the author betrayed his pro-Igbo bias to informed readers.
However, PCB legal adviser Taffazul Rizvi said that although the board would abide by the ruling but claimed the court had not been presented with the full case, adding that after the complete presentation of the facts, the board would follow any decision of the court in letter and spirit.
8220;Many of the publications available on piping systems are highly technical in their presentation of the facts.
Nevertheless, his book, through its presentation of the facts, may lead some to reconsider some of their premises about liberty of contract and about who the good guys and bad guys are in American legal history.
PAFA, too, condemned the EC's presentation of the facts about plastic bags, saying that statements by EU Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potocnik, were: "wholly unsupportable in science, include repetition of biased green claims and aim to single out a European industry which makes an outstanding contribution to resource efficiency and waste reduction".
Presentation of the facts and figures about a changing climate, even when flanked by relevant images, for instance, of melting glaciers and drowning submerging islands, has left Australians wondering about who and what to believe.
Insofar as the "green" aspects of appraisal, about which he is an expert source, Schleider feels it's important to be able to articulate the decisions underlying investment in real estate because the public relies on the appraisal profession to provide unbiased and clear presentation of the facts and judgment employed in real estate valuation.
Now contained in three volumes, essays ranging from one page to several cover some 650 rulings by the US Supreme Court and other federal and state courts, offering clear presentation of the facts as well as discussion of their significance and impact on US history.
A strong presentation of the facts was said to be acceptable provided it is fair.
His knowledge of politics and his presentation of the facts would be greatly appreciated.
the presentation of the facts of the case, the request has to be rejected.
Selective presentation of the facts, despite claims to balance, can easily be misleading.

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