presentation to the public

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This plan, so vast apparently yet so simple in point of fact, which did away with so many large staffs and so many little offices all equally useless, required for its presentation to the public mind close calculations, precise statistics, and self-evident proof.
The Lions are opening this unique presentation to the public.
The fashion collection was highly acclaimed following its presentation to the public during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.
Giving a presentation to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Wednesday, the managing director of the Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) disclosed that technical issues as well as electricity theft are the main reasons for line losses, though he stressed the system suffered more from technial issues rather than theft.
They want international experts called in to review the reports before presentation to the public.
Following careful selection by a judging panel that included UCL Qatar MA students and Mathaf staff, 145 artworks were selected for presentation to the public.
We experienced first hand the arrogance of Senior MCA Management in their presentation to the Public and I am sure that the majority of the 140+ audience present would happily agree with this view.
This article reviews the primary ethical issues involved, including preparation for diversified practice; competence; interpersonal and relational issues; and presentation to the public.
Actimax, a specialist in computer telephony integration, has been selected by Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), an independent UK charity responsible for the care, conservation and presentation to the public of the unoccupied royal palaces, to upgrade communications systems at several historic buildings in London, UK.
Karl James Langford, principal archaeologist with Archaeology Cymru Consultancy Ltd, said: 'The building was comprehensively excavated, consolidated, and conserved for presentation to the public.
Mayor Stuart Drummond will give a presentation to the public at the Civic Centre prior to taking questions.
As part of a pre-Christmas presentation to the public in local shopping centres, almost 840 interviews were conducted with the public to see what they thought.