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Also, their adoption of the comic-book form as a presentational forum links them to other radical avant-garde movements of the '6os, such as Happenings and Earth art, which also sought an escape from the confines of the gallery system.
While a large distinction is made between presentational dances--with performers having studied long and arduously, many at ISI--and sacred dances, practiced in religious privacy by the community at large, there has been a conscious decision to keep things close to authentic and to use the proceeds generated to help maintain the splendiferous costumes, props, and masks that are a part of the temple rituals.
Blending their techniques with our content will empower financial advisors with presentational skills and marketing strategies to differentiate their services, while expanding client base.
Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke suggested the culprits were trying to "squeeze out some short-term presentational advantage".
Victoria's enterprise skills have included negotiation with suppliers, team cohesion, creativity and flair, sales decisions and presentational techniques.
It was very difficult for Sam and her two colleagues to choose a winner, as they all assured the interviewers they had "great interpersonal and presentational skills" and were "a team-player.
Typical examples would be presentational DVDs, or demo CDs for marketing, design, media and advertising companies.
And his scorn for presentational niceties was only too apparent in 1999 when, despite lecturing on car use, he took an official car a few hundred yards down an esplanade within the secure zone at Labour's Bournemouth conference centre from the hotel to the hall.
Nasdaq: TGIC) announces that its subsidiary, Triad Guaranty Insurance Corporation, introduced today its new presentational CD, Performance Technology.
8 Richard Prince (Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Schindler House, Los Angeles) At Barbara Gladstone, autographed celebrity photos in hulking Cor-Ten steel frames, suggesting the presentational strategies of the '80s, now apparently renascent; in Los Angeles, images of upstate New York white trash and their environs, elegantly installed in this temple of slightly ragged yet unimpeachably high modernist design.
On the presentational front, Frakes continues to prove he has a true filmmaker's imagination.
Investors can access the audio webcast, provided by CCBN, and presentational material through Union Pacific's Web site at www.