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An orderly sequence of presentational elements forms the overall structure of the news program.
We would argue that language use, whether asserting in poetry or argument, contains the presentational, and that these presentational features often have argumentative relevance.
Next, I will explain how the presentational possibilities to manoeuvre strategically are influenced the by rules and conventions of (the Dutch) parliament.
Presentational talk is the product, whilst exploratory talk reflects processes of learning.
The integrated templates were built using XHTML and presentational CSS which achieved Level 3 disability compliance.
Blended learning', which includes a mixture of on-line and presentational learning, plus game-based learning, will also feature prominently.
Beginning with a definition of presentational technologies--"Presentational technologies enable people to project still and moving images, from song lyrics to video clips, on a screen in small to very large settings such as auditoriums and stadiums" (p.
9) This phenomenon--which I term "public presentational torture"--is especially common during wars, internal armed conflicts, and states of emergency.
Advertising is likely to continue along the salacious theme with current presentational material for the new offering claiming 'Eet is dirty and you want eet'.
With their own agency out of the way, they imbued the methods, results, and presentational devices themselves with the active agency of the situation through the use of personification.
The machines can all be expanded with a wide range of different modules, making each one capable of producing a number of presentational effects.
Approaches and presentational formats varied with the locales, from the Beirut staging that incorporated Arabic and English antiwar poetry, to the 80-actor production staged at Berkeley Rep with live percussion by the drum ensemble Sons & Daughters of Orpheus, to Dress the Nation, a "cyberformance" response to the Lysistrata Project conducted by Britain's Avatar Body Collision, a group with members in Finland, New Zealand and the U.