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IT'S crunch time tonight in HTV's talent show search for a new presenter as the final 10 hopefuls are ruthlessly cut down to five.
Last year, Meuschke piloted the program at the school, and now has eighth-grade peer presenters that work with students in the seventh-grade classrooms.
Both presenters feature a contoured shape that feels great in your hand, so you'll be comfortable no matter how long the presentation lasts.
With all that may be riding on a presentation, presenters often try to force too much data into it, thinking that will better sell their ideas when, in fact, the opposite may be true.
The Planning Committee believed that the slight variation in evaluation scores was attributable to the differing presentation methods of the presenters.
But few presenters or artists buy the INS's Robin Hood-like justification.
For practical purposes, said the presenters, it may be best to always add a small amount of Sr to the casting (15-30 ppm) to produce a partially modified structure with more dispersed and spherical porosity.
com is an ASP for presenters and consumers of expert knowledge content.
What they all have in common is a genuine love of Lincoln and of getting together with other Lincoln presenters.
The 2007 Award Honorees and Their Presenters are as follows:
Some dance companies and presenters defy the taped-music trend.
There are four tracks in the seminar, each with six presenters.