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While there he heard excited whispers of someone just found at the bottom of the stairs in a fit; upon which he had hurried to the spot, with a presentiment of evil, and at once recognized the prince.
He remembered that during his epileptic fits, or rather immediately preceding them, he had always experienced a moment or two when his whole heart, and mind, and body seemed to wake up to vigour and light; when he became filled with joy and hope, and all his anxieties seemed to be swept away for ever; these moments were but presentiments, as it were, of the one final second (it was never more than a second) in which the fit came upon him.
Should we have the same presentiments if our existences did not touch at the heart?
Anne's presentiment proved more trustworthy than presentiments are apt to do.
Never be foolish enough to believe in presentiments again.
The vague presentiment of some misfortune to come had entered the room with the entrance of the woman in black.
He noticed that she was tremulous, and he had a presentiment of the subject she was going to speak about.
His legs were weary, but his mind was at ease, free from the presentiment of change.
His mind was full of dismal presentiments, whether from mysterious dreams, or the intimations of the medicine wolf, does not appear.
They called to mind, also, a long catalogue of foregone presentiments and predictions made at various times by the Delaware, and, in their superstitious credulity, began to consider him a veritable seer; without thinking how natural it was to predict danger, and how likely to have the prediction verified in the present instance, when various signs gave evidence of a lurking foe.
France and Great Britain will henceforward live like two sisters, if I can trust my presentiments.
Outward portents and inward presentiments were his.