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Baldwin's envisioned use of film technology as what I have termed a historical "kaleidoscope" machine in the "closet screenplay" may seem overly elaborate or even, in the terms of Baldwin's detractors in the 1970s, self-indulgent in presenting Malcolm X's project of substantive political change and mass organizing in America.
Part Three contains chapters on presenting to international audiences, reading from a manuscript (not recommended), and serving as emcee, toastmaster, or moderator.
We've been presenting all kinds of dance for a long time--not just the Joffrey and not just ballet.
These funds were then spent presenting intern offices with doughnuts and coffee mugs filled with sweet treats.
Fell was recognized not only for her continuing service to ADAA and the dental assisting profession through the years, but for recent activities including presentations to the State Board of Dentists and Dental Hygienists that resulted in the acceptance of a new pathway of radiation safety certification for dental assistants; for her work toward developing an Associates degree recognizing a dental assistant education curriculum; and for her work with Ogden and Weber, UT, schools in presenting oral hygiene instruction and training those who will present instructions.
On campus, hygiene students posted flyers throughout the clinic calling attention to DARW and presenting each dental assisting student with flowers, pastries and beverages.
Bradley in presenting this award to Phil Boatright a dealer representative from Virginia-recognizing his role in recruiting numerous new members to the ADAA.