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Summer Food item Winter diet diet Acomastylis rossii leaves 69.0 9.8 Graminoids 2.1 21.5 Bistorta bistortoides leaves 9.2 Bistorta bistortoides flowers 2.5 1.9 Trifolium parryi leaves 6.1 30.0 Erigeron simplex flowers 5.8 Trifolium parryi flowers 2.0 6.3 Silene acaulis leaves 5.8 Acomastylis rossii flowers 12.3 9.8 Artemisia scopularum leaves 2.4 Artemisia scopularum flowers 2.0 Castilleja occidentalis leaves 1.5 I compared the preservability of the summer and winter diets in a decomposition experiment.
This result may be attributed to the administration of a betaine diet to laying hens having induced an increase in the secretion of blood IGFBP-3, which consequently extended the half-life of blood IGF-I and increased preservability, enhancing the growth of laying hens and liver tissue differentiation.
In conclusion, glucose supplementation improved the preservability of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull spermatozoa in skim milk diluter at 5oC.