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The purpose of the present study was to examine discounting rates of unstable currency (baht) and preservable food (rice).
At each sampling site non preservable parameters were determined, such as temperature, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.
The American euthanasia movement, from its inception in 1906, always sought relief for afflicted persons with intractable pain even if their lives were preservable for long periods.
Because this wholesale making of colonial natural histories required their being rendered in readily transportable and easily preservable forms, natural history was decidedly a textual activity whose natures were largely produced on paper.
Documentary heritage is defined as items that are moveable, made up of signs/codes, sounds and/or images, preservable, reproducible and migratable, and the product of a deliberate documenting process.
Early in its lobbying effort, Legal Action, trying to "figure out what was preservable," proposed that DA&A recipients be given food stamps and housing vouchers in lieu of the bulk of their cash benefits.
Manioc fields of more than one hectare yield quantities intended for processing into more preservable products.
Alpine herdsmen always took large stocks of easily preservable Homli into the mountains, which are often eaten together with apple puree-unthinkable for an Italian.
The range goes from preservable to disposable, from fireworks to damp squibs, from heaven-storming bardism to private mumblings.