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Food preservatives has been a boon which has enabled to increase the shelf-life of food products and obtaining certain functional properties suitable to a wider range of industrial applications in food industries.
The cosmetics market continues to shift toward a need for more natural and less controversial offerings, and Lonza Consumer Care recognizes that providing natural or nature-identical preservative systems is integral to this shift and to the growing demands being placed on raw material manufacturers.
Bacterial/Fungal Control: The second stop of a new preservative ingredient's qualifying tour is in the microbiological lab.
Development of wood preservatives without the use of harmful or toxic materials such as copper, arsenic or chromium is also on the rise.
Preservative penetration (Cu) was measured based on the color indicator on the freshly cut wood surface of treated timber as described by the American Wood Preservers' Association (AWPA 2003) in both longitudinal and cross-sectional surfaces for all samples with the help of a scanner and Adobe Photoshop software (Islam et al.
Only Product K contained the preservative in concentrations above the typical allowed concentrations (Figure 2).
However, visually identifying preservative treatment for wood sorted on a picking line is much more difficult than for source-separated C&D scrap wood.
Because of their large dimensions, wood treated with oilborne preservatives can be readily identified and removed from the recycling stream.
But opponents to toxic wood preservatives insist this isn't enough.
A shift in product mix to higher value formulations will occur in both coatings and preservatives, primarily due to environmental issues.
Food science researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have determined that raisins are a great substitute for sodium nitrite, a preservative commonly used in beef jerky.