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The new owners will preserve affordability through the syndication of tax credits by CharterMac, which provided over $17 million in tax credit equity.
When they applied the death rate of 90 percent seen earlier in the monitored groups, they calculated a death toll of 5,500 gorillas in the infected areas in and around the preserve.
One unique aspect of The Green River Preserve is the mentor hikes which allow campers to explore with our naturalists the forests, streams, and hidden valleys of the Preserve.
Preserves a historically important land area or a certified historic structure (the historic preservation requirement); see Sec.
For example, officially Habitat for Humanity doesn't preserve buildings, but the New York chapter recently restored several historic buildings in Harlem.
Subject: The award is for a project to develop Web archiving tools that will be used by libraries to capture, curate, and preserve collections of Web-based government and political information.
A former hay ranch, the preserve plants cover crops as a food source for its birds and as a sanctuary from four-legged and winged predators.
He says attempts to preserve fertility by freezing ovarian tissue remains experimental.
John Peluch, area west supervisor and enforcement supervisor with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Chapleau, agrees the game preserve, with its "abundance of wildlife," has untapped potential for ecotourism revolving around wildlife observation.
After officers follow careful procedures to obtain and secure DNA material, they must take appropriate steps to preserve and process DNA evidence correctly as well.
Destined for the shores of the San Ignacio Lagoon in the pristine desert of southern Baja California, the project was to be located within the borders of the largest nature preserve in Latin America, the Vizcaino Biosphere Preserve.