preserve public order

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They have only reached those ideas which conduce to economy and to physical welfare; in the future, if some one else carries on this work of mine, they will come to understand the principles that serve to uphold and preserve public order and justice.
Police had no other alternatives but to use batons and discharge OC foam to preserve public order and safeguard public safety.
He said the Omnibus Election Code provides that any officer or employee in the civil service, except those holding political office; any officer, employee or member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, or any police force, special forces, home defense forces, barangay self-defense units and all other paramilitary units who, directly or indirectly, intervene in any election campaign or engage in any partisan political activity, except to vote, to preserve public order if he is a peace officer, shall be guilty of an election offense.
He wanted to show off in front of the police who are working hard to preserve public order and protect people's lives and it is good that he was arrested.
that despite the earthquake hitting the Middle East, we managed to preserve public order in our country thanks to the cooperation between Parliament and the government, which will continue," Berri said.
According to a report published in the Taraf daily on Tuesday, Ay-ry Governor Musa IE-yn ordered that a team of gendarmes be sent to preserve public order during a spring festival being held on April 11 near the village of Yukary TE-tek.
Deputy Interior Minister said that main task now is to ensure peace and stability in the border area and to preserve public order.
Meanwhile, concerning using teargas, Bahrain police force use it only when it is necessary and in accordance with the proportionate measures to preserve public order and address rioting acts, in compliance with international law.
The Army is working, on co-ordination with the home security forces, to preserve public order and "law will be enforced in some cases, despite the commitment to discuss with sit-inners," he added.
He also called on residents of the area to preserve public order and allow the police to investigate without disturbances.
He called on residents to preserve public order and allow the police to investigate without disturbances.
Public authorities resorted to all means to lay the bases for a serious and responsible dialogue and had to carry out this operation, which lasted less than an hour and enabled to completely dismantle the camp, to preserve public order and ensure citizens' safety against these individuals who broke the law, the statement added.