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Conclusion: Hypertension, valvular heart disease and a trial fibrillation is more commonly present in acute heart failure patients with preserved EF.
Of these, 554 articles were of wildlife preserved in good condition.
Households probably conserve vegetables because of the absence of inexpensive, readily available, industrially preserved food, particularly in the winter, when fresh vegetables are prohibitively expensive.
In columns 1 and 7, for example, only parts of four lines are actually preserved on the leather, but Fincke provides the complete Hebrew text for all thirty-seven lines of both columns.
For the lemon and caper sauce: Preserved lemon zest, chopped
Von Endt investigates causes of deterioration in preserved biological artifacts and then looks for better ways of treating specimens for future scientists' use.
Similarly, DNA tissues preserved in paraffin blocks, such as surgical specimens, often remain suitable for PCR testing.
The three children found in Argentina are ice mummies, bodies preserved in extreme cold.
368-1(e)(1)(i) provides that the COI requirement is satisfied if, in substance, a substantial part of the value of the proprietary interest in the target corporation (T) is preserved in the reorganization.
And the royal forest was not the private domain of the king so much as a sacred space preserved by the (sacred) king from human encroachment.