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A cet egard, ajoute la declaration conjointe, elles sont convenues de [beaucoup moins que]poursuivre le renforcement de leur dialogue politique et de preserver la stabilite de leurs relations commerciales[beaucoup plus grand que].
Nellie Oehler, an OSU extension agent and Master Preserver, did the first demonstration and showed participants how to can tomatoes.
HMCS Preserver, an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment vessel, concluded its service to the Royal Canadian Navy in 2016, after 46 years of duty.
We like the fact that Preserver looks for under-appreciated, niche opportunities that do not always depend directly on broader market movement to generate a return.
The airline vest-style life preserver is what you've seen demonstrated on airliners forever.
What if you were sailing miles from land and did not remember to bring a life preserver with you?
There is no way that I could have pulled my son, who was 5'7" and 160 pounds at the time, 75 yards through the water and onto that Jet Ski had he not been wearing a life preserver.
The smartphones survived more than thirty minutes underwater with the Preserver case.
Divers jeux refletant la diversite culturelle et geographique du Maroc et revelant l'authenticite de sa civilisation seront presentes lors de cette edition, dont le programme prevoit des competitions sportives et une conference autour de l'heritage culturel et sportif et les moyens a meme de le preserver.
Every day he oversaw the packing of 40-to-50 life preservers and life rafts, and he was CDQAR for many of them.
The Havertown site, in a suburban area just west of Philadelphia, was used by National Wood Preservers to treat wood from 1947 to 1963, the EPA said.
In one set of jars, place a food preserver and leave the other set without.