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ILLICIT BREWHowever, in the neighbouring Kericho County, Governor Paul Chepkwony and County Commissioner Moses Mbaruku presided over the celebrations at Kericho Green Stadium.
'Today I presided over the House floor for the first time.
The first session will be presided over by Naimat Ullah Gichki while Dr Fozia Chaudhry, Dr Nasrullah Kan Wazir, Dr Fayyaz Chandio, Dr Munazza Yaqoob, Dr Zia-ul-Hassan, Qasim Sayyal, Prof Shifa Kakar and Dr Mohammad Amin will present the papers.
Once, rector of Darul Uloom Deoband presided over the convocation," said Riyaz Rufai, chief librarian of the university.
In this meeting presided over by Mian Nawaz Sharif after 12 years, he would also announce his party's newly evolved strategy in order to give a tough time to incumbents.
The Libyan side was presided by the Secretary of the GPC for Heath & Environment, while the Serbian side was presided by the Minister of Infrastructure in the meeting which was held from 10-12 November.
The new rule does not prevent a judge from presiding in collateral proceedings in a case in which the judge presided over the trial or an earlier collateral proceeding.
Rehnquist presided over a conservative shift in the Court, which has placed a greater emphasis on federalism--the idea that significant power should rest with the states, as opposed to the federal government--and supported a greater role for religion in public life.
God convenes an assembly of all mortals, presided over by Josiah (John Sigismund Zapolya of Transylvania).