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It is exceptional as well as unrealistic to expect policy objectives to be fully achieved during the relatively short tenure of a six-month presidency: consistency and progress between presidencies is the key indicator of Success.
The single market is one of the domains where the trio Presidencies have the most opportunity to prove their value," reads the report.
Formally, the Lisbon Treaty has curtailed the range of power of rotating Presidencies and limited their visibility by removing the chairmanship of the European Council and foreign ministers' meetings.
Theoretically Integrating the Public and Institutional Presidencies
presidencies work together to enhance coordination.
Although the Lisbon Treaty creates a permanent European Council presidency, the system of rotating half-yearly Presidencies will continue to manage the work of the different Council compositions.
To support this argument, Korzi examines five presidencies during the nineteenth century: James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison, and Grover Cleveland.
For example, we run full-fledged local Presidencies in almost one hundred countries.
A third possibility--a consequentialist account of what these presidencies did to the American political system--manifests itself unevenly, in part because the analytical approach here is almost entirely narrative.
MEPs overwhelmingly support the European ombudsman in his request to the Council to reconsider the linguistic regime of the internet sites of the EU Presidencies.
Small countries do not necessarily equate with small-time Council Presidencies, and Slovenia must not let itself be overwhelmed by the future French EU Presidency, MEPs told Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jan a (centre-right) on 16 January.
Representing the past, present and future EU Presidencies, respectively, were German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado and Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel.