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With hindsight, one can argue that those results are attributable to differences in the business cycle during Republican and Democratic presidencies, and a correlation between the business cycle and expected stock market returns.
Theoretically Integrating the Public and Institutional Presidencies
Returning to the public and institutional presidencies, we know that they both seemed to arrive or develop at roughly the same time.
The rotating EU Presidencies are in charge of other policy areas like
In view of Nixon's downfall and Congress's reaction to his initiatives, the administrative presidency strategy was overshadowed by the conditions that beset the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter presidencies, each of whom had their struggles with Congress.
Top civil servants who've experienced six-month presidencies with other EU countries have been known "not to sleep for six months", due to the massive pressures on the country holding the presidency.
He uses content analysis, rather than simply counting executive orders by president or sampling from different presidencies, to separate executive orders by type: symbolic, routine, and policy-making directives.
To support this argument, Korzi examines five presidencies during the nineteenth century: James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison, and Grover Cleveland.
A third possibility--a consequentialist account of what these presidencies did to the American political system--manifests itself unevenly, in part because the analytical approach here is almost entirely narrative.
Standards of presidential activity that are determined through a representational approach will also affect our view of how presidents should organize and staff their presidencies.